Common AC Installation Mistake made by Contractors

You hire a contractor to install an air conditioning system, all seems well, but your home feels humid at times, why??

One common mistake contractors make is they do not size the system properly, but how does one know? The most noticeable sign is that your outdoor condensing unit doesn’t run very often on warm to hot days, and when it does run, it doesn’t stay running for long. An Air Conditioner is designed to dehumidify a home, and as a result, decrease the air temperature (remember that relative humidity is relative to temperature). If your condensing unit is over sized, or you have an undersized evaporator coil, the unit will cool down the air temperature quickly, but miss out on all of the dehumidification that occurs during the air conditioner run cycle. Yuck! 

It is important to ask your contractor what size air conditioner they are installing and why? Did they run a cooling load calculation? Simply replace it with the same size nit that was there? Did they ask you questions on how well the failed system operated during previous summers? All of this information is important, but often overlooked.

Do your homework. Ask a lot of questions. Don’t worry about sounding stupid. A good contractor will value your concerns to ensure you have the right equipment for what you need.

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